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    Are you moving to a new office? Is your office inside the country, or do you need to shift to another country? Do not worry as we have got you covered as the best office removal company London. We are a team of the best-trained men who offer excellent services. Besides, we have state-of-the-art logistics and infrastructure for handling office relocation jobs of various scales.

Your business can be a small domestic one, or you may be at the helm of a big international corporation. Further, you can run an IT company, or you may have a retail business. With years of experience as office movers London, we will execute every task with proper planning and customisation.

Surveys and Customisation: The Basis of Our Office Moving Company London

 Well, with naked eyes, every office moving service London has four steps. Those are:

  1. Packing
  2. Loading the essentials into the vans
  3. Transporting the shipment
  4. Unloading the essentials at the new location

However, the services are much beyond that. We believe that every service demands customised strategies, and customisation is only possible when the surveys are done properly. We can visit your office and have a look at your requirements. This process is called a physical survey. If you are not comfortable, we can conduct the surveys through video calls, or we can do a virtual survey with the help of the videos and photographs shared by you.

   But what is the importance of such surveys? As experienced commercial relocation London service providers, we can say that surveys help us in the following ways.

  1. Surveys help us know how much work is there to be done.
  2. Besides, surveys give us a proper idea about the property. In other words, while conducting surveys, we get to know how steep the slope is, how high the staircase is or how narrow the passageway is. So, we can make our moving plans accordingly and avoid hassles on the day of the relocation.

   Also, surveys are important for quoting the

house removals

Customised and Affordable Fees for Our Services

   Be it office furniture relocation services London, or full-fledged office relocation work, and we keep our charges affordable. Besides, we think that it is unfair to charge the same fees for all services. So, we listen to your requirements, do surveys and tailor a budget for you.

   As a relocation company, we make our best efforts to maintain transparency in our services. So, there will be no hidden fees in the charges. Also, from day one of hiring us, you will have a personal coordinator who will work as the link between you and our company. There may be some unprecedented occurrences making the budget go up. In such cases, the coordinator will inform you immediately.

Our Office Relocation Services

    Post surveys and analysis, we get started with the task of packing. In office relocation, we have to deal with a lot of IT essentials. So, we only use the best quality materials, ideal for protecting those. Further, do not worry if you have furniture pieces to be shifted. We have the equipment to dismantle those (depending on the furniture) and relocate them. Also, for fragile items, we always make it a point to add extra padding and customised casings.

   Each of the cartons will be properly labelled by us, and you will have a master list. These will help you to know whether your shipments have been properly reached or not. Further, the labels on the cartons will give ideas about the content inside.

As professional movers and packers, we use the best equipment for moving the essentials in and around the property. It is important for avoiding any damage to your essentials and your property. At the next stage, all the essentials will be uploaded into the transport vans.

   Our transport vans are perfectly engineered for managing relocation jobs of various types and scales. They have safety blankets, fastening belts and soft mattresses for the protection of the essentials. Moreover, they have GPS systems for real-time tracking of the shipment.

    So, if you want to hire us, give us a call or drop a line for us.